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No more keychain tags, no more cards, and no 100,000 visits until you get your first free coffee.

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About us



Now Open App is a multi-restaurant and soon-to-be retail store community rewards program. We're just a bunch of foodies, nerds, sneakerheads, and brewery hoppers who thought people should really get some real benefits for all the money they spend out here.


So, we created Now Open App to not only give you a chance to get more "bang for your buck" but also help businesses increase their opportunity for more customer engagement and benefit from the additional revenue stream by being able to accept crypto from their costumer base.


1) use blockchain technology along with cryptocurrency incentives in an ecosystem that strongly supports increased engagement and assist in cutting operating cost all businesses, but more specific small businesses.

2) Create a rewards program that provides a truly fun, innovative, and ACTUAL rewarding way to enjoy some of the best eating and eating experiences around the country!

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