Now Open is an amazing new app and website that makes finding new local hot spots faster and easier! It’s a platform that allows new businesses a chance to market to thousands of possible new customers. Now Open helps bridge the gap between consumers and new local business, alike.

Not a bad question! Our website and app concentrates on giving new businesses 5 years and younger a space to market there new venture without all the noise and clutter of other websites and apps. So, yes! We support the “little guy”. We allow businesses, such as restaurant and bars, to have a place where they don’t have to compete with big franchises and local businesses with a longer business history. Now Open also provides data analysis, customer connection, and website/in-app marketing capabilities to make sure businesses have the greatest opportunities to be successful! We provide a place for new businesses to shine and blossom!

You! Why not?! What we do for you, the user, is provide an incredible experience that will allow you to find new local businesses easier than ever before! You can search for new hot spots, share and connect with your friends, and then meet and enjoy. Also, you get to enjoy amazing offers and discounts from the newest places your city has to offer. So, if you are tired of using the same old app and website, giving the same old suggestions, there’s a new option. Now Open is here for YOU!