The Now Open App is an app accompanied by an amazing user friendly website that helps you find new local businesses. We don’t deal with the big boy franchises at all! We curated a space for new businesses to connect more effectively with consumers. Most of all, we created a space where consumer can find new business much faster and easier!

Now Open App is completely FREE! You get access to wonderful discounts and deals from the most talked about new local businesses in the city. We also have subscription plans available; that allows you access to VERY EXCLUSIVE deals and discounts. Meaning for a small monthly fee these deals and discounts are for your eyes-only!

The Now Open App helps small businesses by providing them a variety of strategies and opportunities to connect with the consumer in a way not provided by any other app or website to date. We also provide useful business tools, like a backend data analysis system that will allow businesses to use that data to create more effective business acumens and marketing strategies.

Use your Facebook or Google+ account to connect easily with your friends, or use a valid email address to create your awesome new profile. Then Search, Share, and Enjoy!

First, click on “Register Restaurant” on any of our pages. Then sign up, by inputting your information about your place of business. We suggest including lots of high quality photos! Once you are done, go live!

The amount of restaurants on Now Open App is forever changing. We make it our job in providing you the most local options available and we won’t stop until we do!

You have exposure to all registered and non-registered users with the Now Open App! We desire to provide the local experience to anyone who sets foot in your town.

We take your rights to privacy extremely serious at the Now Open App. You can read our Terms and Conditions (link to the page) and Privacy Policy (link to the page) here.

We would love to hear from you! Contact us directly at info@nowopenapp.com.

We are extremely sorry to see you go. If you need to cancel your account contact us at info@nowopenapp.com. We’ll take care of it ASAP.