Privacy Policy

This privacy policy section will explain how we, and our company “Now Open App”, gather, use, protect and share information that relates to our services, as well as your available choices concerning how we collect and use your info.

The Company is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of customers, employees and any other individuals served by us. The proper protection of any and all information acquired in the day-to-day activities is a huge part of this commitment.

We follow several principles for the Protection of Personal Information and also those embodied in privacy legislation that is applicable to be certain that all data is efficiently and safely collected, used only for its assigned purpose, and safely disposed as quickly as possible when it is no longer needed.

Based on the services that you use, we collect various types of information about or from you.

When you use our services, such as contacting us for services, we collect the information that you provide. We also retrieve information about the way in which you make use of the service. This includes the types of information that you view and the duration of your use.

Similarly, we collect information that other people may make available by using our services. This can include information about you, the specific type of dishes you’re interested in, a picture you post on our social media pages, messages, syncing and importing your contact info, and more.

If you use these services for any transactions, we will collect info about said payment or transaction. This includes credit/debit card information and other account information, as well as shipping and billing information. Normally we transfer money into your bank account before we leave the premises, however, sometimes we might need some more time/info before we complete the transaction, so we could collect info such as your bank information etc.

We collect information about the devices on which you access our services. This depends on the permissions that you’ve given to us. If you use different devices, we may associate the information taken from all of them in order to give you consistent service regardless of which device you use. The following are a few examples of device info that we collect.

  1. Operating system, device settings, file names/types, hardware version, signal strength and battery strength
  2. Geographic locations via Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth
  3. ISP, language, mobile number, IP address, browser type

When you use sites or apps that use our services, we collect information. This includes info about those sites and apps, info that the site or app developer provides to you as well as info about your use of our services on those sites and apps.

We receive info about you as well as about your activities on social media sites from our third-party partners. This includes information about your experience with these partners or any interactions that you may have.

How do we put this information to use?

We care about creating personalized, entertaining experiences for our uses. Therefore, we use this information to help us provide our services. We do this by:

We provide services, customize our content and make suggestions by using the information that we gather to fully comprehend how you use our services and the people you connect with on our services.

We use location information to personalize our services for you. We help you check-in, find events in your area and tell friends where you are.

In terms of communication, we use your information for marketing as well as to inform you about our existing terms and policies. Also, we use your info to contact you or to respond to your messages when you contact us.

We use our information to verify any accounts and their activity. We also use it to promote the safety of our services by investigating any suspicious user activity and term violations. Using engineers, our automated systems and technology such as encryption, we try our best to protect your information. Our easily usable security features add even more protection to your info.

People who use our services connect with others and share things. This is possible by sharing your info in a number of ways:

When you share or communicate with other people via our services, you’re able to choose who sees what you’re sharing.

Other users use our services to share content involving you with their chosen audience.

When you use third-party apps or sites that are use our services, they may be able to have access to the information that you share or post (on our forums or social media pages).

We keep the data that we collect about you for as long as we need to in order to provide services to you and others – like the services listed above. The information linked to you will be deleted as soon as the transaction is completed.

If we receive a legal request, like a subpoena, a court order or a search warrant, we might access and share your information. This also includes responding to any of these legal requests that are made from outside of the U.K, if it is apparent that such a response is legally required and is relevant to international standards. We may access and share this information also in cases where we believe that it is necessary in order to avoid/prevent fraud or some other illegal activity, seek to protect ourselves and our users, and seek to prevent harm or even death.

When you use this service, we may use cookies and other similar technologies in order to collect info about how you use the site, as well as to provide you with features.

We may ask advertisers or other companies to serve your device with ads. These ads may also use cookies and similar technologies that are placed there by us or by said third party.

This information is automatically collected by your chosen browser every time you access a website or an app. This information is also made available when the content of said site or app is downloaded to your web browser or your device. When you use our services, our servers collect the information of your use. This includes your IP address, your type of browser, your web request and the pages you view. We also collect similar info by sending emails to our users. This helps us track which emails our users open and which links they click. This info is used for our accuracy of reporting as well as to better the service.

User Agreement

By using this website, you agree to these terms created by Now Open App.

It is possible that we may amend sections of this Agreement from time to time by publishing the changed terms and conditions on the site.

Before you use the site, it’s best that you completely and thoroughly read the User Agreement, site policies and all of the linked info.

It is compulsory that you read and accept all the conditions that are in, or may be linked to, this User Agreement, the Code of Conduct and all site policies. By agreeing to this User Agreement, you are agreeing that the terms of the Agreement will be relevant and apply every time that you use or access the Now Open App site, or when you use any available tools. Some linked sites may have other terms that will be applied to you when or if you access them.

You are not allowed to use or access the site if you:

  1. Are unable to enter into legally binding contracts.
  2. Are under 16 years old.
  3. Have been suspended from using the site.

Based on your local laws, a person who is over 15 years of age but less than 18 years of age is allowed to conduct any transaction under their parents’ guidance.

Users have the option to use a business name while creating any account or conducting a transaction. Users agree that though a company name may be associated with them, the User Agreement holds them to contract, and not the business or company. Users agree that they will be the sole person responsible for any activity that is performed under their consideration. As a user, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, and we suggest you NOT to share your personal details with anyone. If you agree to create a listing, you are responsible for listing pricing, details etc. We are not responsible for any error that might cause interference in any transaction.

The Company has the right to refuse any transaction, based on our sole discretion.

While you are using the site, you agree to not:

  1. Infringe on or break any laws, third-party rights or policies.
  2. Fail to pay for services that you have received, unless the site has changed the services/pricing or a clear typo error has been made.
  3. Avoid the billing process or Now Open App fees.?
  4. Post offensive, misleading, inaccurate or false information (personal or otherwise).
  5. Post spam or send bulk emails, unwanted chain letters or any pyramid schemes.
  6. Knowingly plant viruses or anything that may harm Now Open App as a site or any of its users; post or send anything that is offensive, derogatory, profane or other means of abuse or harassment/anything that may bring harm to or incite the mistreatment of another person.
  7. Copy Now Open App’ content to display along with listings from other sites/use any part of our site onto another site without our written consent.
  8. Attempt to modify, change, disassemble or reverse engineer any software used by the site.
  9. Copy or change rights or any other content from the Now Open App site/ Now Open App copyrights/trademarks.
  10. Collect other users’ information, such as email addresses, without being given consent.

It is Now Open App’s policy to respond to any allegations of intellectual property rights infringement. Our copyright infringement policy seeks to make infringement claims as straightforward and easy as possible while reducing the amount of false or difficult infringement claims that we receive. It is important that, given you find that your intellectual property rights have been infringed upon, notify/contact us and we shall investigate the situation.

When you give Now Open App content (either by entering details of your listings, sending us a query, post something on our social media accounts, or provide us a testimonial), you are giving us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub licensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all copyright, trademark, publicity, and database rights (but no other rights) you have in the content, in any media existing now or in the future.

You are aware of, and agree that:
1. Now Open App makes no guarantee that content is actually available and present on the site. We have the right, but are not obligated, to take any necessary action as we see fit in regards to your user content.
2. We are not responsible for the deletion of content or failure to save/store any content that was or was not made available on the site itself.

You acknowledge and guarantee that your content will not:

  1. Infringe upon any copyright, patent, trademark or other intellectual property right or proprietary right or right of publi city or privacy.
  2. Violate any laws.
  3. Defame or be trade libelous.
  4. Be obscene/inappropriate or contain any type of child pornography.
  5. Contain anything linked to acts of terror.
  6. Contain false, incomplete or otherwise inaccurate data about yourself or any other user or person.
  7. Contain viruses or other technology meant to damage or interfere with any systems or data in any way.

Now Open App may include or contain links to third party sites; however, we do not have control over the sites to which we link. We do not endorse any of the products, policies or content of the sites we link to. The use of third party content and sites is done at your sole discretion and risk.

The site is dynamic, and changes with time. Due to this, info on the site may change often. It is possible that some of this info may be seen as misleading, offensive or inaccurate.

The site, Now Open App services and all of the content on the site are offered on an ‘as is,’ 'with all faults' and 'as available' basis. No warranties of any kind are explicitly or implicitly stated.

In no event are we, our related entities, our affiliates or employees to be held liable, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), or any other form, for:

  1. Any damages that you incur, whether they be direct, indirect, incidental or consequential
  2. Any loss of funds or profits, whether direct or indirect, that you incur
  3. Any claim, damage or loss that you incur as caused any transaction that you make on the site The limitations on our liability as shown above shall apply whether or not we and all of our related entities as aforementioned have been advised of the risk of such losses. We specifically limit our liability in the case of the breach of a non-excludable warranty implied by legislation to the following remedies (the choice of which remains under our sole discretion).

If it happens that a dispute occurs between a user and Now Open App, we only aim to address any concerns or qualms you may have, if we are unable to do so, we aim to provide a way to solve the issue quickly. It’s encouraged that you first contact us directly via customer support or by emailing us at __________.

For any concern that arises, Now Open App may choose to solve the dispute in a simple and cost-effective manner via non-appearance negotiation. If the website chooses this means of resolution, this negotiation will be begun through an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) provider. You will choose this ADR provider from a panel of providers. Both the ADR provider and the parties involved have to comply with these rules:

  1. The negotiation shall take place over the phone, email or via written materials. The party who initiates the negotiation shall choose the means of communication
  2. The negotiation will not involve any appearances by either party unless both parties agree to such
  3. Any judgment on the award by the negotiator may be entered into any court of jurisdiction

Because some jurisdictions do not permit some of the limitations as established above, some of these limitations may not apply to you. In such a case, the liability will be limited as much as possible under the relevant legislation.

The provisions of this agreement can be severed, and if any of these provisions are deemed invalid or unenforceable, it will be removed and the others will be enforced. This agreement can be assigned to us at any time, or to a third party without your permission in the event of a company sale or some other transfer or our assets. In the event of such a sale or asset transfer, you the user will continue to be bound by this user agreement.

If there’s any question regarding these terms or privacy policy, please send us an email.